Creative Wood Associates
Our Creative Wedding Accessories Website will eventually become to reflect the change in our product line.

Creative Wedding Accessories is in transition.  We are changing our product line to take advantage of our new Shopbot CNC  (computer numerical control) machine.  We have had fun learning what the machine can do, and we still have more to learn.  The items on our Website will largely be produced by the machine.  We will continue to make our wood ring boxes, but we will also be adding a lot of new products.  The new machine will give us the opportunity for more personalization and custom design.

Our Website will feature new products such as Wedding Plaques of wedding invitations and other plaques for birth announcements, graduations, retirement and for life's other milestones.  We also have the capacity to do address plaques to celebrate a new home.  We will also be doing items for the home such as coasters, candy dishes and cutting boards. We also now have the capacity to do signs.  (The picture at the top of this page is an example of one.)

Please visit our Website often to see what's new!

Shopbot CNC Machine
Shopbot CNC Machine
Linkerlog Half Inch Structure
Quarter Inch Linkerlog Structure
Marine Corps Service Plaque
Claddagh Annirversary Plaque
Claddagh Wedding Blessing Plaque
Birth Annoucement Plaque
Address Plaque
Address Plaque
Coaster Set
Our products are made in our Canoga Park, California, USA workshop.