Creative Wood

Creative Wedding Accessories new Website, CreativeWood features new products produced with the Shopbot CNC.  Please watch our Website for new products and specials.

About Us

Creative Wedding Accessories was started in 2004.  We developed products for weddings and receptions.  These included wood ring boxes in heart and oval shapes, wood gift card boxes,some styles were fabric covered.  We also did custom covered guest books and guestbook signing pens and other related items.   In 2008, we began thinking about and making plans to modify our product line.  As sometimes happens, there were obstacles in accomplishing our goals.  The economy became very sluggish and one partner's home was destroyed in a wild fire.

Accepting these challenges as an opportunity, we seriously considered our product line as far as past performance, time of production and how invested we were in that specific item.  We also had an opportunity to acquire a CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine, which helped us decide the direction our product line would take.  This presented another challenge, as we do not consider ourselves especially computer literate.  In fact, that was our biggest obstacle.  After taking the time to learn the operation of the machine and the design program (we still have more to learn) we are ready to go forward.

We will continue to develop new products.  We plan to eventually change our website to a new name,, which better reflects what we do.  We will continue to make the wood ring boxes, but will also make customized plaques and signs.  We have also developed items for the home including coasters and candy dishes.  Plans for other items are in the designing stage.  As our products come to the production phase, we will add them to our Website.

Unplugged Toys!
We are starting a new line of wood toys for children. We want them to play without the computer, the iPad, the iPhone, or electricity. They only have to use their imagination.  There is no right way, there is no wrong way to build.  There are no set plans and there are no set directions.  They are called Linkerlogs. On the next few pages you will see some examples of other children's designs and builds with this toy.  You can use them to help create your own structures.  We have two types of Linkerlogs to choose from made with half inch thick plywood and quarter inch thick plywood.