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Linkerlogs are linking pieces cut from half inch or quarter inch thick plywood. They fit together like a 3-dimensional puzzle. They are based on the Lincoln Logs of the 1950’s which were originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son.


The original Lincoln Logs


“When I was a kid I didn’t have a laptop, iPod, Blackberry, PS3, WiFi, or iPad. I played outside with friends, bruised my knees, made up stories and played hide n’ seek…Life wasn’t hard, it was good and I survived.”

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Unplug your kids! Linkerlogs require no electricity, plugs, software, batteries or operating systems. There are no directions, rules, or special passwords. All that is needed is imagination. Stimulate creative and constructive play with our notched pieces. A future engineer, architect or contractor may start their journey with this simple wood toy. Linkerlogs can be used by children age 4 years and older. They can be played with by one or more children and even engage multi-generational participation. They are much more fun than wood blocks.


We offer the half inch thick plywood in 3 different kit sizes. The smallest kit of 72 pieces will build a simple structure. Extra pieces and pieces not included in the kits are also available for purchase, so the building possibilities are endless. The half inch thick Linkerlogs can be used in an outdoor setting, but we recommend they be brought in and stored in a container when not in use.


The quarter inch thick plywood Linkerlogs are available in only one kit size. The variety of pieces affords building options. The quarter inch size is convenient for home and playroom use. The pieces are smaller and are less weight, but still result in a significant structure. Extra and a variety of pieces are also available for purchase in the quarter inch thick Linkerlogs. The quarter inch Linkerlogs should always be used indoors.


Linkerlogs can be a low tech addition for playtime for schools and day care centers. They promote cooperative play and interaction between students. We are open to creating special kits for schools or day cares. Please contact us for a 2-hour free playtime experience for the children at your school. For any additional information, please contact us at our Email address,


The Linkerlogs are made in the USA, in our workshop in Canoga Park, CA. The prices shown are for pick up from our location. At present, we are not shipping Linkerlogs.

Our Linkerlogs that you can actually get inside to play
Made in the USA