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Linkerlog Half Inch Kits
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We have two kit sizes for the half inch Linkerlogs.  The smallest kit consists of 150 pieces and will build a simple structure.  The kits are for children 4 years of age and older.  Because of the weight and size of the Linkerlog pieces we are not shipping them.   The prices shown are the "pick up" price from our Canoga Park, CA location.  The larger Linkerlog Half Inch pieces, "D", may be personalized with a name for an additional charge.  The lid of the storage box may also be personalized.  Please see the Linkerlog Personalization Page for details.

Linkerlogs Half Inch Kit 2
Kit 2 consists of 150 Pieces:  A Piece - 50, B Piece -  40, C Piece - 20,  D Piece - 36,  Small Arch - 4.
Linkerlog Half Inch Kit 2
Linkerlog Half Inch Kit 3
Kit 3 consists of 210 pieces:  A Piece - 58, B Piece - 58,  C Piece - 40,  D Piece - 46, Small Arch - 8.
Linkerlogs Half Inch Kit 3
Linkerlog Half Inch Storage Box
The Linkerlog Half Inch Storage Box measures 38 x 18 x 16 inches.  It will easily hold Kit 3 and additional pieces.  There are rope handles at both ends and four wheels for easy maneuvering.  The storage box lid may also be personalized.  Please see the Linkerlog Personalization Page for further information.
Linkerlog Half Inch Storage Box