Linkerlog Quarter Inch
Linkerlog Quarter Inch
Below are a few examples of what you can build with our quarter inch Linkerlogs. There are no plans, no designs, no directions to follow no right no wrong. Just what ever you can imagine
Linkerlog quarter Inch build
A work in progress
Total Hight of the tower Seven Feet Tall made out of quarter Inch
A special set of linkerlogs for a special little girl
This build is over seven feet tall
This was a very special kit made for a special little girl
Children at play at the Santa Clarita Literacy and Arts Festival
What can be done with quarter Inch linkerlog
a Very tall tower over 200pcs were used in this build
Quarter Inch building in progress
Familys having fun wtih quarter inch Linkerlogs
Linkerlog Quarter Inch Pieces
There is just one size kit for the Quarter inch Linkerlogs. That Kit consists of:
16 Notch Plank, 24 Pieces; 12 Notch Plank, 24 Pieces; 8 Notch Plank, 24 Pieces; 4 Notch Plank, 30 Pieces; 2 Notch Plank, 32 Pieces; Small Arch, 6 Pieces; Large Arch, 6 pieces; 45 Degree Angle, 12 Pieces; 90 Degree Angle, 12 Pieces.  We also include two one-sided 8 Notch Pieces and two one-sided 6 Notch Pieces that are used for the base of the building.  The total piece count for the Linkerlog Quarter Inch Kit is 174 pieces.  The price of the Kit is $281.99.
Extra Quarter Inch pieces are available for purchase.
Purchase Extra Linkerlog Quarter Inch Pieces
The prices shown are for "Pick Up" only from our Canoga Park, CA location.
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 16 Notch Plank, 12 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 12 Notch Plank, 12 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 8 Notch PLank, 12 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 6 Notch Plank, 12 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 4 Notch Plank, 12 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 2 Notch Plank, 12 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch Arches, 4 Small and 4 Large
Linkerlog Quarter Inch Angles and Round, 30 Pieces. 6 pieces each 15 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree. 90 degree and 4 Notch round.
Linkerlog Quarter Inch Base Plank Set. 2 each one-sided 8 and 6 Notch Planks. 4 Pieces total.
Linkerlog Quarter Inch 8 Notch Roof Plank, 6 Pieces
Linkerlog Quarter Inch Roof Plank 6 Notch, 6 Pieces
Storage Containers for the Quarter Inch Linkerlogs
We recommend plastic storage containers for storing the quarter inch LInkerlogs.  The contain must be at least 24 inches long to accommodate the longest piece in the Kit.  Please visit our Resources page for further information.