Other Linkerlog Information
Important Information About Linkerlogs

Creative Wedding Accessories is not responsible for damage or injuries resulting from the improper storage of, or improper use of Linkerlogs.

The half inch Linkerlogs may be used in an outside environment, but they should always be collected and stored under cover after playtime has concluded.  Exposure to the elements will damage the integrity of the plywood used for the Linkerlogs.  If the pieces become soiled, they can be lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to remove the marks.

The quarter inch Linkerlogs are for indoor used only.

The Linkerlogs are elements for making large 3-D puzzles or structures.  They are not designed for making furniture for children to sit or stand on.  Any use of the Linkerlog pieces, other than those stated, that may result in injury is not the responsibility of Creative Wedding Accessories.  Younger children should always be supervised by a responsible individual when working with the Linkerlogs.

Creative Wedding Accessories uses low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and "green" plywood for the Linkerlogs.  Printed information for the plywood used is available on request.

Schools or organizations interest in puchasing multiple Kits should contact Creative Wedding Accessories, directly, for information on quantity discounts.

Phone:  818-427-6207