Creative Wedding Accessories 

We are bringing some of our plaques back that we have  previously made and had engraved.   We will be producing the plaques with our new CNC machine, which will result in better prices for the plaques.    

Claddagh Anniversary Plaque
Claddagh Anniversary Plaque is made from a single piece of wood.  This example is oak.  The plaque measure 11 inches long by 8 1/2 inches tall.  It features the Claddagh symbol carved in with personal information as shown.  The price of this plaque is $35.00. 

Claddagh Anniversary Plaque


Marine Corp Plaque
This plaque was requested by a World War II Veteran's daughter.
The original was a piece of paper. We transfered the information  to a wooden plaque made of Beech Wood and added the Marine Corp Symbol. This particular plaque was 14" x 16" special size wood.  
(Please call or email us for special pricing)